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S1 Fashion GPS Pet Collar

Item número.: S1
S1 Fashion GPS Pet Collar

S1 Fashion GPS Pet Collar


1- Fashion collar
2- Take-off alarm 
3- Voice monitoring
4- Intelligent power saving
5- Magnetic charging
Size:120 L×36W×12.5mm Thickness (Pet collar inner diameter:600mm)
Weight: 125g
Positioning: GPS+LBS+WIFI
1. GPS + LBS + WiFi  Positioning
The device supports GPS, WIFI and LBS positioning, GPS are mainly for outdoor positioning,
WIFI and LBS manly for indoor position.
2. Geofence
After the geofence is setup, you will get alert notice when the pets are out of the range of the setup circle, which will secure the pets’ safety and keep you a p
eace of mind.
3. Historical route
The device will keep a record of the historical route for three months; user can check the records on smartphone
4. Voice Interaction
Interact with your dog, activity monitor of your pet.