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FY07 Laser physiotherapy smart watch


Model: FY07
Chip: RTL8762D
Motion Sensor: Three-axis accelerometer,  STK8321
Laser Physiotherapy:  650nm rld650005
blood oxygen/heart rate/blood pressure/respiratory rate: HX3605
Temperature sensor: Contact type integrated calibration-free temperature chip CT1711
LCD: 1.69' 240*280
Motor: 0820
Laser Physiotherapy: 650nm  rld650005 Using laser probe light to release 650nm wavelength,
effectively activate red blood cells, improve blood fluidity and viscosity, quickly decompose and
dissolve thrombus and some toxins, achieve the effect of cleaning blood, and effectively relieve high
blood viscosity, high blood lipids, high blood pressure , the continued increase in diabetes
Pedometer: Three-axis step counting, 95% accuracy
Bluetooth: 4.2(Low power consumption)
Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity:  210mAh
Charging method: Magnetic attraction
Charging time:  About 2H
battery life: Normal use 7-15 days, standby 30 days
Data storage Store:  7 days of data, multiple event interfaces
Manipulation Mode : Full touch control, mobile phone APP control
Language: Support Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, multiple languages
Material: Front case: zinc alloy \ rear case: ABS + PC \ 
strap: silica gel
Product color:  Black, silver
Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.0 and above 
 Size: 44*34*10.5MM